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Metizport X and our new strategy

Updated: Aug 8

FL: Adel Holm Gundersen, Sindre Thomassen, Emil Marcussen, Eskil Bjørnsen and Tobias Lillestøl
FL: Adel Holm Gundersen, Sindre Thomassen, Emil Marcussen, Eskil Bjørnsen and Tobias Lillestøl

The start of the Good Game League is approaching, commencing on 21st August 2023, and in that regard, Metizport is proud to unveil its new team lineup. This squad falls under the club's new sports strategy, wherein the focus is on nurturing young talents, emphasizing development, and increasing local investment. Laget består av:

Adel "fLlickza" Gundersen

Sindre "thomass1" Thomassen

Emil "ZapR" Marcussen (IGL/Captain)

Eskil "LaX" Bjørnsen

Tobias "Zypno" Lillestøl

Haris "H4RR3" Hadzic (Midlertidig trener)

Sindre Thomassen is back in the active team lineup after we benched him earlier in July. Following Simon's sale to Sangal and further assessments, it was only natural to bring him back into the team.

The young players will be guided by Haris Hadzic, who will serve as the interim coach.

Haris Hadzic in action - Poto: Kevin Bøe, Metizport
Haris Hadzic in action - Photo: Kevin Bøe, Metizport

Haris will, for the time being, lead the team as the interim coach, and we are looking forward to him sharing his experiences with our new squad. It is Hadzic's desire to continue competing at a high level, and we do not wish to hinder that aspiration. Therefore, he will explore new challenges while simultaneously coaching Metizport X. If there is any interest or questions regarding Haris' situation, please contact our Sports Director via email or phone.

In the new Metizport X team, we have young and talented players representing different parts of the country, including Volda, Melsomvik, Bodø, Stavanger, Bergen, and Evje. The team's new captain has previously played on the club's talent squad, displaying remarkable progress and immense potential for development. Considering the new sports strategy, it was a natural choice for us to assign Emil to this role. Another player given this opportunity is Adel, who also has a background in the club's talent squad and has been with us for over 1.5 years. We are delighted with the growth they have shown and are optimistic about the upcoming season for both of them.

Furthermore, the club is thrilled to have a local player on the team again. With Tobias on board, we believe we can help elevate him and other local players to a fair level.

"Metizport is a highly ambitious organisation with a strong desire to elevate itself to a new level of sporting excellence. We have been working diligently to establish a solid foundation and improve the club's financial situation, which will play a crucial role in shaping our future growth. Since taking on my new role, we have conducted a thorough analysis of our current endeavors, and our conclusion is that we believe we can build a team capable of performing better on the international stage than a Norwegian team can achieve in the long run. As a result, we will be exploring potential alternatives on the market going forward. While we are pleased with the accomplishments of our previous projects, we also recognize that there is much greater potential. Our vision for Metizport is to become an international contender while maintaining strong roots locally and nationally. Therefore, we are excited about the new project, which allows us to continue building upon our Norwegian initiative with Metizport X while simultaneously aiming to raise our profile on the international scene."

- Morten Vollan "zEVES" Christensen, Sports Director The club has a desire to sign a new international team in the near future to solidify Metizport's competitive position. Until then, the club wishes Good Game and Metizport X good luck for the upcoming season, and we look forward to more exciting matches.

Amidst all these changes, the remaining pieces from the talent squad have been released from the club. Unfortunately, this means that Henrik Melbye, Alfred K. Thesen, and Johannes Lithner are no longer part of the club. We wish them all the best in their respective careers.

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