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New sporting strategy and new sports director

Player to Sports Director - Photo: Kevin Bøe, Metizport

We have decided to make significant changes to Metizport in a sporting context. The club works daily to make its operations more economically and athletically sustainable while continuously adapting to the market. In line with our new direction, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Morten Vollan Christensen as our new Sports Director. We have been working on this new sporting vision for quite some time and are excited to unveil more news in the coming days.

Over the past year, Morten Vollan has been an integral part of the Metizport family, contributing as a coach, player, and captain. We are delighted that he has embraced the new role of Sports Director. Morten deeply understands the club's values, visions, and a genuine passion for e-sports and the mindset of building a more sustainable scene. This combination makes him the perfect candidate to lead us in this new direction.

With Morten on board, we strengthen the club's management. He will oversee and hold ultimate responsibility for all sporting activities, departments, and further developments in the sports field.

"I am incredibly thrilled and enthusiastic about the trust the club has shown me. Taking on the role of Sports Director in this club is an immense pleasure. The club has grown tremendously for me since I started working here. We have several exciting projects underway, and I believe there's an exciting time ahead that many will look forward to. I aim to elevate the expertise and level to an international standard, where the club truly belongs."

- Morten Vollan Christensen

Morten and the club looks forward to collaborating with our dedicated staff, players, supporters, and stakeholders as we embark on this new sporting journey. We will build a stronger, more sustainable, and prosperous Metizport.

Arjan Sydhagen Dalsøren, Ceo Moren Vollan Christensen, Sports Director

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